Lubricants & Additives


Seay Oil Company Lubricants Division is a distributor of premium lubricant products. We supply automotive, industrial and transport customers with the highest quality lubricants available. Headquartered in Hopkinsville, KY Seay Oil Company proudly offers Shell Lubricants as well as other brands of bulk and packaged products. Shell Lubricants is a premium brand recognized around the world for innovation and quality products. Seay Oil Company has the ability to also offer oil sample testing to ensure the products your using are preforming at the levels desired.

Seay Oil Company is an authorized dealer of American lube tanks and equipment. We have the ability to setup Quick Lubes, Car Dealerships, Truck Fleets, Industrial sites, Farm Sites. No matter the size or business we have all the equipment to fit your needs. Seay Oil Company also has a trained Maintenance Department to repair and maintain on site equipment.

In addition, Seay Oil Company is a supplier of Diesel Exhaust Fluid and dispensing equipment.

Seay Oil Company currently is a provider of a large number of lubricant products. Our service includes providing extensive equipment packages.

• Air drawn pumping equipment and metering systems
• Bulk storage tanks
• Automatic engine oils
• Heavy-duty engine oils
• Hydraulic fluids
• Greases
• Synthetic lubricants
• Automotive chemicals and solvents
• Waste oil heaters
• Waste oil storage systems

MDSD and Specification Sheets are available upon request.