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We strongly believe that the connections that we have built will provide great opportunities to our current and prospective Wholesale Gas Dealers. It is a fact that branded stations sell more fuel than stations that are unbranded. If you own and operate an unbranded station, and are looking for an opportunity to maximize your potential profit, Seay Oil Company has the solution for you.

We know that every station's needs are different, which is why our offerings will vary from one location to the next. Our goal is to provide choices for our customers of several brands, which in turn will grow their business and increase profits.

Options or incentives may include:

-Site image and upgrade packages
-Upgrading sites to have LED Price Signs
-Assisting with tank upgrades (your site must qualify for this assistance)
-Competitive pricing
-Assistance with upgrading your canopy lighting
-Creative financial assistance
-and much more.....

Tank Wagon

As a wholesale distributor, Seay Oil Company is able to offer a variety of brands and competitive pricing to our customers. With our direct connection to several brand names including BP, Exxon, Citgo and Gulf, we have a complete selection of offerings to provide you, the dealer, with quality products. We are able to provide ethanol free gasoline as well as additized diesel (Power Service).Please contact our Marketing Department to discuss your options concerning opening a wholesale fuel and/or lubricants account.


We offer both On & Off-Road Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel.

Developed to allow the use of improved pollution control devices that reduce diesel emissions more effectively but can be damaged by sulfur, ULSD is a cleaner burning diesel fuel that contains 97% less sulfur than low-sulfur diesel. Companies with 2007 or later model year diesel vehicles should only fuel them with ULSD. ULSD has a maximum sulfur content of 15 parts per million (ppm).


We offer Unleaded Gasoline in 87, 89, and 93 octane, formulated to maintain specified engine performance. All Seay Oil gasolines meet or exceed ASTM D 4814 Standard Specification for gasoline and all applicable Federal and State regulations.